Tantalizing Textures Workshop

This is Zabel’s SIGNATURE workshop and one of her best sellers! Belly dancers who are looking to improve their improvisation technique with fun and easy to remember tips will love this workshop. Many dancers struggle with trying to be “interesting” when they are on stage. They panic about picking moves to remember, and setting rough choreography just makes them more nervous. It’s difficult to remember everything you have learned in class when you are on the floor dancing in the moment. It is so easy to slip into doing one move over and over the same way!

You don’t need to panic! Take a deep breath, and think about all the wonderful sensory aspects around you when you dance. Use them as your inspiration. That is what Tantalizing Textures is all about.

Textures are not about speeding up a move or slowing it down. Textures are not about layering one move on top of another. Textures are the tactical essences we infuse our dance with to make each move more dynamic.

So dancers…. Lets shake things up, then melt it down!