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Zabel Belly Dance

Throughout an ever changing landscape, dance grounds and empowers Zabel’s life. Her formal dance training is comprised of many different dance forms, but none that has been so deeply rooted in her soul as belly dance. 

After falling in love with the art of Middle Eastern dance in 2001, Zabel searched for training by the best teachers and dancers in the country. In 2007, Zabel interned with LaRena (Lorraine LaFata) of Boston. Under the study of LaRena Zabel discovered the strength, power, and individuality that belly dance provides to women. Zabel has taken it upon herself to continually study with as many teachers as possible. She has learned from many other talented dancers, such as Sarah Skinner, Morocco, Yasmina, and Aleya of Cairo, to name a few, so her knowledge, passion, and dance technique evolves.  

Zabel’s personal philosophy is that a well rounded dance education produces a stronger dancer and teacher. Zabel created a unique and effective method of teaching. She combines history, the art, and the technique of the traditional Middle Eastern dance styles with modern ideas and fusions. For the past five years, Zabel traveled throughout New England and the east coast training strong traditionally educated dancers with a powerful modern edge. 

Zabel also works with women to use belly dance as a tool for empowerment and love for one’s body. Zabel guides her students inward to find their beauty and power as women, so they can live with confidence and become the shapers of their life. Women throughout history can attest to the benefits of studying and practicing belly dance, for it has helped them communicate and express their unique self. Zabel has taken this knowledge and is spreading it for women of all ages, body types and abilities to discover. 

Zabel Belly Dance
Zabel Belly Dance

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Zabel Belly Dance
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