– What should I wear to class?

Dancers should wear yoga style clothing or workout wear. Dance clothing should be comfortable but not baggy. If clothing is too loose, then the instructor will not be able to make proper body alignment corrections and can be a hazard to the dancer. Jeans are not permitted in class. Dancers are welcome to dance barefoot, socks or ballet slippers are permissible as well.

– Do I need to show my belly in class?

Dancers will never be asked to expose their stomachs in class. If a dancer wishes to wear a sports bra to class or tuck up their shirt to see their stomach muscles, that is their choice based on the dancers individual comfort level.

– Do I need a skirt with the jingly things?

Hip scarves are available to borrow for class. Dancers are not required to bring a hip scarf or wear one if they do not want to. Hip scarves vary in style and may include coins, fringe or beading. They can be purchased on-line for a reasonable price. If you would like resources on where to purchase a hip scarf, feel free to contact Zabel for recommendations.

– What should I expect on my first day of belly dance class?

Dancers are asked to arrive about 15 minutes before the start of their first class to finish registration and get acquainted with the space. After the first class dancers do not need to show up quite so early. Typically the first class is focused on learning proper dance posture, walking, some brief dance history, and how to incorporate belly dance into your everyday life. The first class is typically very low impact and it is more about getting to know each other. After that we dive into technique.

– What is parking like?

Nya Studio is located in the Dover Point Office Park, and has ample, free parking. The studio itself is located in the second floor and does require dancers to walk up a flight of stairs. If you have questions about locating the studio, or have concerns about getting up to the studio space, feel free to contact Zabel.

– Is there anything else I should bring with me to class?

Please bring water to class. It is important to stay hydrated, especially in the warmer months. I also recommend bringing a notebook to take notes in class so you have a record what to practice at home. In the upper level belly dance classes, I recommend that dancers keep zills, a veil, and an extra pair of socks in their dance bags.

– How old/young do I need to be to take class?

Dancers under the age of 18 will require the signature of a parent or guardian for the Liability Waver. Aside from that dancers of all ages and sizes can take belly dance class! All we ask is that you pay attention to your body and honor where ever it is at. If you have any injuries or chronic pain, please let your instructor know before class so you can be given alternate ways to do movements that honors your body.

– What if I miss a class, or can’t attend all classes in a series?

Make-up classes are allowed. If a dancer can not attend a class in their session, they are welcome to make it up in another level of belly dance. Please visit the classes page for dates and times of other classes at Nya Studio. Make-ups must be done within the current session. After your session has ended, you will not be allowed to attend make-ups unless you have made other arrangements with Zabel or your instructor.

– Do you allow Drop-Ins?

Dancers are allowed to drop into a session at any time with the permission of the instructor. Please contact Zabel prior to dropping into a class, especially if you want to drop into an upper level class.

– Do you allow people to watch/observe class?

I do not allow anyone to observe class for the safety and comfort level of the dancers who are enrolled in that class. There is a waiting area in the studio with coffee and tea, where guests are welcome to wait for dancers to be finished with class.