Guest Series

Nya Studio is excited to announce the Belly Dance Guest Series! Each month for the next few months, a guest instructor will come in and teach a master class on a different subject or style of belly dance.


Putting Technique to Work – A Choreography Workshop with Jeni

Rescheduling for Fall 2017 Stay Tuned for Details

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Choreography works your brain, muscle memory and coordination while creatively giving you a perspective on ways to arrange movements to a piece of music using a range of technique and seamless transitions.

Put your technique to work in this fun and energizing workshop! From sharp & percussive to soft & fluid, we will drill basic technique with variations as well as turns, traveling steps and combinations. By the end of the workshop, you will be dancing a dynamic, short choreography to one of belly dance’s most beloved songs – “Alf Layla Wa Layla.”

About the Instructor:

Jennifer Daly (“Jeni”) spent several years in Los Angeles where she performed regularly at top nightclubs, exclusive private events and in numerous theatre shows, including “Belly Dance Evolution,” a groundbreaking production that tours the world. As a member of Jillina’s renowned International Dance Company, The Sahlala Dancers, Jeni had the privilege to train with one of the world’s most sought-after belly dance instructors and along-side some of the top dancers in the field. Between 2008 and 2010 she danced in segments for popular TV shows including ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” and Fox’s “Good Day L.A.” In addition to performing in various internationally distributed videos, Jeni also worked as a script supervisor on Jillina’s popular line of 2007 Belly Dance Instructional DVD’s. She is a certified Levels 1, 2 and Kids Hoopnotica Method Instructor and teaches regular dance classes & workshops in belly dance and hoop in MA, ME & NH.


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Secrets of the Shimmy with Sabrina

This Workshop Has Been Canceled

Do you want to discover new ways to work your shimmy? In Secrets of the Shimmy we will be exploring regional differences, layering techniques, and stationary vs. traveling shimmies. This energetic class is sure to get your blood flowing and help you to develop and craft your movements. Whether you are new to belly dance or an experienced dancer, Secrets of the Shimmy will help you gain a new understanding to the subtleties and complexities of your shimmy. Bring your stamina, bring your water and bring your sense of humor.

About the Instructor:
524207_10151031999199404_1856009766_nSabrina Lichtenwalner is an award winning Performer, Instructor and Lifelong Student of Middle Eastern Dance with well over 20 years of experience. Sabrina has had extensive training in a multitude of regional Middle Eastern Dance styles and technique development. She is one of the many energetic instructors in the region, her unique approach to teaching and an infectious love for dance has helped develop a number of students on their own personal dance journey.



Intro to ATS with Baseema

September 24th 2017 11:00am – 12:30pm

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American Tribal Style® belly dance is a transnational fusion dance with elements from the Middle East, North Africa, Spain, India, and other countries. These were stirred into a “melting pot” to create a uniquely American style of dance.
ATS® is group improvisation where a shared vocabulary of moves allows the dancers to create art in the moment. While it looks choreographed, it is totally improvised.
Baseema along with one of her troupe-mates, Joanne, will share some of their favorite combinations. You’ll be dancing ATS® before you know it!

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