Hire Zabel

Are you looking for something to make your special event truly stand out? Hire Zabel to perform at your event! As one of the top belly dance performers in New England Zabel will work closely with you to create a custom performance to fit your exact needs. Zabel is available for all kinds of events! Hire her for a public event or a private function (no male only events) in New Hampshire, Maine, or Massachusetts. Her unique style and energy will be the highlight of your event! Zabel is more than delighted to bring professional quality, energetic, mesmerizing, family friendly entertainment to your event. Zabel can custom design a performance through props such as zills (finger symbols), veil, sword, wings of Isis, cain, and fan veils. Zabel is also happy to match her costume to your event colors.

Events Zabel is Available for Hire Include (But is not excluded to):

  • Weddings

  • Family Parties

  • Holiday Parties and Celebrations – Work and Family Events

  • Family Picknicks

  • Female Celebrations

    • Henna Parties

    • Bachelorett Parties

    • Baby Showers

    • Girls Night In

    • Etc…

  • Event Openings

  • Parades

  • Faires and Festivals

  • Expos

  • Dance Shows

  • Retirement Home Performances

  • Libraries and other Town Events

  • Renaissance festivals

  • Base Pricing on Party Packages:

  • 15 Minutes or less Mini Performance = $200.00
  • 1 Hour Private Group Lesson = $200.00
  • 20-30 Minute Full Performance = $300
  • Mini Performance + 1 Hour Dance Lesson = $300.00
  • Full Performance + 1 Hour Dance Lesson = $350.00
  • For a full hour or longer performance or more than one dancer please contact Zabel directly for a free quote.
  • Holiday pricing may apply. Common holiday pricing occurs on New Years Eve, Fourth of July, Halloween and other nationally recognized holidays. Holiday pricing is double the regular rate. Zabel will notify you if your event falls on a holiday pricing day.

    *Prices include travel within 30 minutes of Zabel’s location, but are not all inclusive. For an exact price for your specific event at your specific location, please contact Zabel directly*

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