Listed Below are additional resources for dancers. This list is always being updated. If you have a resource you found helpful throughout your dance education, please feel free to submit an addition to this list.

Information Websites: – A great resource for history, music, costuming, culture and so much more! – Events and dance happenings all around New England – An all inclusive “clubhouse” where dancers can geek out about all things belly dance that you might not encounter in the studio. Includes monthly call with belly dance experts all around the United States and beyond. – A selection of articles relating to Middle Eastern Dance and culture by Morocco of NY. – Now available as an on-line magazine. Gilded Serpent is a wonderful website to read articles and opinion pieces written by fellow dancers.

Printed Resources:
“Looking For Little Egypt” by Donna Carlton
“A Trade Like Any Other” by Karin van Nieuwkerk
“40 Days & 1001 Nights “ by Tamalyn Dallal
“Grandmother’s Secrets: The Ancient Rituals and Healing Power of Belly Dancing” by Rosina-Fawzia B. Al-Rawi

Music Resources:

Costume Resources: – costuming tips and “How To’s”