Swing Classes

The Swing Out is Pleased to Announce Our New Home at Nya Studio in Dover, NH!

Beginner East Coast Swing Dance


Thursdays October 22nd – December 17th 2015
*start date has changed to allow additional time for sign-ups*
Class runs for 8 weeks plus one off week for Thanksgiving

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In this 8-week, 8-session beginner course, you will get a solid swing dance foundation so that you look good dancing, feel confident, and are relaxed out on the dance floor.

You will learn the basics of East Coast Swing Dance, the Lindy Hop, and Charleston.

Expect to Get These Results:

Proper posture, footwork, and rhythm for the confidence to swing dance

Comfort and ease dancing with different partners in a social setting

Have smooth transitions in and out of different swing moves

How to connect to your dance partner

The ins and outs of social dancing and dance etiquette

How it Works:

There will be a full 60 minutes of training where we will rotate partners so everyone gets a turn to dance with someone new. The last 15 minutes of class is dedicated to social dance practice. You will have the opportunity to dance with your instructors and other dancers in the class.

You will be hoppin’ in no time, and itching to get out on the dance floor!

Payment and How to Register

We take payment by credit or debit card through Square.

Tuition for the 8 Week session is $100.00

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Do I need to bring a partner?

No, you do not need to bring anyone. We get in a big circle to teach the lesson and rotate partners about every 2-5 minutes. If there is an odd number of dancers, your instructors will rotate into the mix. However, if you want to bring someone, please do. This is a social dance form, and we encourage you to bring your friends.

What clothing should I wear?

Wear something comfort and somewhat loose. We’ve had people in past classes wear jeans, sweat pants, dresses, yoga pants, and shorts. Anything really goes, so long as you can move and it meets socially acceptable standards.

What Shoes Do I Wear?

You want to wear a shoe that is somewhat slippery or worn (Keds, moccasins, boat shoes) . Any type of dance shoe is acceptable with the exception of a jazz sneaker. It’s not recommended to wear sneakers of any kind or tennis shoes. If that is all you got, you can practice in your socks or bare feet. If you want to purchase a swing shoe there are lots of great options out there. We recommend Aris Allen shoes. You can find them all over the place, but this is their website: www.arisallen.com


Still Have Questions? E-Mail The Swing Out Directly at seacoastswingout@gmail.com