Need to Learn Swing Dance?

New at Swing Dance

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Join Nick and Nikki for a swinging’ good time this winter at Nya Studio and Learn how to swing dance.

In this 6-week, 6-session beginner course, you will get a solid swing dance foundation so that you look good dancing, feel confident, and are relaxed out on the dance floor.

You will learn the basics of East Coast Swing Dance, the Lindy Hop, and Charleston.

Expect to Get These Results

  • Proper posture, footwork, and rhythm for the confidence to swing dance
  • Comfort and ease dancing with different partners in a social setting
  • Have smooth transitions in and out of different swing moves
  • How to connect to your dance partner
  • The ins and outs of social dancing and dance etiquette

How it Works

There will be a full 60 minutes of training where we will rotate partners so everyone gets a turn to dance with someone new. The last 30 minutes of class is dedicated to social dance practice. You will have the opportunity to dance with your instructors and other dancers in the class.

You will be hoppin’ in no time, and itching to get out on the dance floor!

Payment and How to Register

  • The Lesson is every Thursday night from January 8th – February 12th, 2015, from 7:00pm – 8:30pm.
  • On Friday, February 13th, we are going to Boston Swing Central in downtown Boston for a social dance night (entrance not included in group class rate). We will all caravan down together.
  • The price is $80.00 for the 6-Week, 6-session course. You can pay by cash or check mailed to Nya Studio.
  • For More Info. & To Register, E-Mail Nick: or Call 207-475-4150

Nya Studio 44 Dover Point Road, Unit N, Dover, NH 03820
Please review class policies prior to attending your first class. Registrations for any dance class held at Nya Studio are subject to the class policies outlined. Your submission of registration automatically assumes you have agreed to all policies. If you have questions, please contact us prior to registration.

Who is Nick and Nikki

Nick and Nikki

Yep…that’s me and Nikki taking a selfie. We are swing dance partners, and soon to be hubby and wife.

I (Nick) have been swing dancing for several years. I consider myself an advanced swing dancer who has mastered the Cup Cake aerial. You should check it out: The Cup Cake Aerial–that’s the final practice before the big show.

I taught swing classes for two years at UNH with the UNH Hepcats swing group. I have also performed multiple times on the stage in front of hundreds of people.

Almost every year I attend the Boston Swing Tea Party and learn from the best swing dancers across the world.

Nikki is a professional Belly Dancer. She has been teaching Belly Dance since her mid teens and is owner of Nya studio in Dover, NH. She has been swing dancing for several years, too, and is my dance partner. Nikki also performs multiple times per year and learns from the best swing dancers in the world.

Her strength is unique and cutesy flare moves to wow her partner and put on a good show. She’s got elegance; she’s got sass. You are going to like it.

She can also teach a box of rocks to make it into Harvard. Teaching is her gift, so if you are brand spankin’ new to swing dance, Nikki will have you grooving in no time.


Do I need to bring a partner?

No, you do not need to bring anyone. We get in a big circle to teach the lesson and rotate partners about every 2-5 minutes. If there is an odd person, Nikki or I (your instructors) will rotate into the mix. However, if you want to bring someone, please do.

What clothing and shoes should I wear?

Wear something comfort and somewhat loose. We’ve had people in past classes wear jeans, sweat pants, poofy dresses, yoga pants, and shorts. Anything really goes, but don’t show up in a suit or a tight number with high heels. Save that for the social dancing in Boston.

It’s not recommended to wear sneakers or tennis shoes. You want to wear a shoe that is somewhat slippery or worn. If all you got are sneakers, you can practice in your socks or bare feet.