The ZaBellies Troupe Classes

“The ZaBellies” is the student troupe from Nya Studio, directed by Zabel. If you are a belly dancer looking to perform around the seacoast and beyond in a fun low stress environment, then this is the troupe for you!

ZaBellies are asked to commit in 1 year increments to learning new and previous choreography in the ZaBelly repertoire. Throughout the year, performance opportunities will come up in various locations around New England. For additional information about performance expectations and other rules and regulations please click here.

The ZaBellies Rehearsals will take place at Nya Studio on Sundays from 9:30am-10:30am.

As of September 12th, Troupe class will alternate a Monday/Sunday schedule.


Monday Sept. 12th – 6:00pm

Sunday Sept. 18th – 9:30am

Monday Sept. 26th – 6:00pm

Sunday Oct. 10th – 9:30am


You must be actively taking at least one belly dance technique class at Nya Studio in order to qualify to be a ZaBelly. It is recommended that you complete at least one session of Level I belly dance training before joining. All other requirements for being a ZaBelly are listed out here.

Troupe Fee of $60.00/month is required. Click Here To Pay Your Troupe Fee.
*ZaBellies receive a 30% discount on all belly dance classes at Nya Studio

Belly Dance Classes Portsmouth NH and Dover NH

General Troupe Vocabulary:

Troupe – a group of dancers working to create cohesive dance or show; student dancers performing at various events in a non-professional* capacity.

ZaBelly – a single dancer in the troupe

The ZaBellies – used in reference of the entire troupe

Director – the person who is in charge of the daily running and maintenance of the troupe, as well as the overall artistic vision of the troupe.

Head Choreographer – the dancer in charge the successful execution of the choreography and bocking of dances.

*non-professional meaning the individual members of the troupe are not paid for their performances by Zabel, Nya Studio or the performance venue.